Product Review: Chanel Hydrabeauty Micro-Serum

Repurchase? Yes.

Given the amount of product making its way to my bathroom counter (and cabinets, and shelves, and floors…you get it, there’s a lot of product), it’s rare that I actually use up a product.  That means that when I do empty a bottle, it’s a GOOD product.  So on Monday’s I will highlight the products I keep coming back to again and again.

Those of you that know me, have probably heard me refer to my skin type as “Sahara desert dry,” and I’m only partially joking.  Constant hydration from the inside and outside is crucially important to us all, but even more so when you have reptilian skin like mine.  So, besides drinking copious amounts of water (my bladder hates me), I am constantly seeking out products to stave off dehydration.

In my quest for skin-quenching goodness, I always seem to return to Chanel’s Hydrabeauty Micro-Serum.  A revamp of the original, cult-classic Hydrabeauty Serum, the Micro-Serum represents a new advancement of that technology.  Utilizing a patented technology called microfluidics, the serum encapsulated Camellia Oil Extract in micro-droplets.  This means that the active ingredients are preserved in their purest form until they hit your skin!  How cool is that?

Chanel Hydrabeauty Micro-Serum
Chanel Hydrabeauty Micro-Serum


So what’s in this miracle serum?  Here is a listing of the key ingredients:

  • Camellia Micro-Droplets: As I mentioned before this is the real breakthrough in the product.  Camellia is actually known as the “Winter Rose” in some parts of the world because it is able to thrive in especially harsh conditions.  This means that the camellia harnessed by Chanel will help your skin to stay hydrated even in severe climates.  We’ll discuss these again below, when we talk OFA.
  • Camellia Alba PFA: We’re back to the wonderful camellia again.  PFA stands for polyfractioned actives–a technology Chanel uses in many of its products.  Basically it means there is a seriously high concentration of active ingredients in the product.  Camellia Alba PFA stimulates the skin’s ability to renew itself and adds a giant dose of hydration!
  • Camellia Alba OFA: Similar to the PFA concept, the OFA here stands for oleofractioned active.  Basically the same technique, but with oil.  The Camellia Alba OFA in this formulation is the main differentiator between the Micro and original serums.
  • Blue Ginger PFA: As if the above ingredients weren’t enough, Chanel also added in a powerful, natural antioxidant, in Blue Ginger PFA.  You already know all about the PFA technology, but the Blue Ginger acts as a shield to neutralize free-radicals and pollutants that our skin is exposed to throughout the day.  Antioxidants also increase the efficacy of your sunscreen (which I know you’re wearing daily!)


It’s a serum, and a very lightweight one at that–the Micro-Serum has an almost water-like texture.  No matter what else I am using at the moment, this is the first serum I apply.  Chanel actually teaches its Beauté Analystes to press into the skin and then use the “raindrop technique” to stimulate radiance.  This technique involves tapping the face with the tips of your fingers to stimulate microcirculation (blood flow to the face).  Then top with a moisturizer and you’re out the door!


The radiance-inducing properties of this serum are just to die for!  Not to mention the hefty dose of hydration.  To top it all off, the serum has a delightful scent that won’t overpower any fragrance you might be wearing.  All in all, it’s a 10 out of 10!